Is "perfectioning" a valid word in English?

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Yes, according to OED:

"the action of bringing something to perfection."
That surprises me. I've been speaking English all my life, and I don't remember ever reading or hearing the word 'perfectioning'.

I'd say 'perfecting'.

Best wishes, Clive
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I thought it was bizarre too, Clive, but there were 19,000 google hits for it. It seems to be used in technical contexts; for example, there's a PhD thesis out there entitled "The Perfectioning of Accounting Organisation for Investment Firms." (Please note "s" in "organisation" - this may not be an American massacre of the language after all) Emotion: smile
Yes, but my crude Google search gives 5.25 million hits for 'perfecting'.

I suspect a number of the hits for 'perfectioning' may be as a proper name, or by non-native speakers.

On the other hand, we are being told that it is in the OED.

And to make matters worse, I guess; or interesting (suit yourself): the earliest record of this word comes from the mid 16th century, according to OED, again. Emotion: stick out tongue
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Thanks for the answers! I'm perfectioning my vocabulary right now. Emotion: smile
I really would advise against using it.

Although we've established it's a legitimate word, 99% of the people who hear it will think you've made a mistake.

Stick with "perfecting."
I agree with GG. Besides, you know, the perfectioning is the enemy of the goodening.
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