Apart from "little", could someone please give me some examples of peripheral adjectives?
Thanks in advance.
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Thanks, MrP... I had always been taught it wasn't possible, but then it was some time ago...
When you say "I'm (only) little", does it refer to the size or more to the age?
I may have spoken too hastily...

In the Little/Small thread in the Vocab section, khoff perceptively says that '['it is little', etc] sounds like a childish vocabulary selection'.

I think this is true. In the instances where I've heard adults use 'little' in this way, there has usually been an element of humour or deliberate twee-ness. Take 'I'm only little', for instance:

{In the English Forums complaints department:}
A: Here's the letter of complaint about MrP. You'll find his file on the top shelf.
B: On the top shelf? How can I reach up there? I'm only little!

{In the English Forums 'Prepositions and Adverbs' department:}
A: What a very small office you have here. How do you manage?
B: Oh well, I'm only little...

The humour (such as it is) seems to reside in the self-deprecation (appropriately, Merriam-Webster gives 'belittle' as a synonym of 'deprecate'). Perhaps the 'childish vocabulary selection' adds to this.

Curiously, I wouldn't expect a male to say 'I'm only little!'. Cf. 'more-ish', 'ah, bless!', 'poo': all slightly surprising from males. (Against which, there are plenty of 'chaps' phrases', of course.)

So perhaps 'to be + little' should have a Warning! flag, rather than an outright and utter ban.

PS: Above only applies to BrE, as usual...It may be different in other dialects!
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Thanks, MrP.!
I guess it settles the matter. Emotion: smile

a peripheral adjective can function as attributively or predicatively.

Examples of attributively:








The main character...

My former wife is now my former boss.

I am the elder brother of the family

Examples of Predicatively:







And CENTRAL ADJECTIVES function in both ways


the blue sea

the sea is blue