Apart from "little", could someone please give me some examples of peripheral adjectives?
Thanks in advance.
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Asleep, awake, afraid...
Then how come you can say "I'm asleep, awake, afraid ...", and not "I'm little"?
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OK, I see what you mean!
You can't say "the asleep dog", it'll be "the sleeping dog".
What I meant was: " are there other adjectives that can't be used a predicates"?
Hello again,
-an outright lie, and not the lie is right.
-utter folly
-his chief excuse
- my former friend
-a criminal court
These are the ones, I got from abook
Yes, great!
Merci, Cher ami!
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Il n'ya pas de quoi. Am I right?
Tout à fait!
You can also say "de rien" - though I'm afraid it has a Belgian flavour, or so my son says -
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I don't quite see the objection to 'I am little'.

You sometimes hear 'I'm only little', for instance.

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