"Permission" is an uncountable noun.. right? e.g. He gave me permission to enter the building.

And, "advice" is an uncountable noun too.. right? hmm.. so confused up! e.g. He gave me advice about the issue.
Yes, "advice" is uncountable ( a piece of advice), but as far as I know, "permission" is countable.
PieanneYes, "advice" is uncountable ( a piece of advice), but as far as I know, "permission" is countable.

'permission' is uncountable!!!!!

'advice' is also uncountable. So you cannot say 'an advice'. You can say 'a piece of advice' or 'some advice'.
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Then I made a mistake, sorry... But yet "permissions" googles over 2,000,000 ...
"Permission" in the abstract concept, i.e., "act of permitting" is uncountable. (EX) When this dog portrait is used for any purpose, permission should be granted from the BoeWow Publishing Company. But "permission" can be countable when it means a paper form that proves someone is permitted to do something. (EX) I have now received permissions from 51 publishers for the copies of the animal portraits.

Yes; countable "permission" seems to have the sense "recorded act of permission". It has an air of "specialist usage".

"Advices" as in "thank you for your advices", etc. was once fairly common in commercialese (and so might also be classed as "specialist usage"). It would sound quite old-fashioned now.

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Sorry, then! I had assumed it was a countable that also had a meaning as an uncountable, but it looks as if it's vice-versa!