What do we call a person who is always in rush and does everything with alacrity?

Thanks a lot


busy Emotion: smile

No, Iman. 'Busy' does not mean someone who is obsessed at all. It refers to someone always rushing and doing things with alacrity. Clive is right on the mark.

However, you did not make yourself very clear. You said 'what do we call a person...?' - are you looking for a noun or an adjective?
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Dear Clive,

First of all thank you for your reply, second, I'm looking for a better word ,'cause busy belongs to people who are obssessed with sth. I'm looking for a person does everything with alacrity.

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Dear Mister Micawber

I'm preferably looking for a noun.

Isn't there a better word for busy , 'cause I think it's a bit general.

Thank you in advance

I can't think of any formal names. He's an eager beaver, a go-getter, a workaholic, a ball of fire, a workhorse, an over-achiever.


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