Hi folks,

Could you please give me some words describing the personality traits of a person :

1. who's willing to help people,

2. who loves to read,

3. who likes to play with electronic devices, (by the way, does 'tinker' have to imply clumsiness?) and

4. who loves the company of his family/friends.

One word for each trait.

Thank you very much.
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Hi Conchita57, thanks a lot for pointing out my error, among other things. Osee

Then what is the noun corresponding to accompany?

I think "bookworm" does have negative (or at least deprecatory) connotations – if you introduced a new colleague or a visiting lecturer as a "bookworm", for instance, an eyebrow or two might be raised.

If you said that someone was "well read", on the other hand, it would be complimentary.

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Hello MrP:),

Would it have a negative connotation if it is said in a conversation between friends?

(It's supposed that there are 3 friends at least..)
- Is someone missing?
- Yeah, Andrew has not arrived yet!
- Andrew? He might be in the library again! He is a bookworm!

..hmm, it doesn't sound very well, but I'll wait for your opinion!
"He's such a bookworm" – yes, you might say it in a humorously affectionate way. But then, you can always say derogatory things about your friends!
It would be derogaroty if you say it behind your friend. But what if you say it when he/she is near you?

- Andrew, you are such a bookworm! (With a smile)

Emotion: smile This seems to be better! I think I understood it..

Oupss..forgot to thank you, MrP!:)
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