Hi folks,

Could you please give me some words describing the personality traits of a person :

1. who's willing to help people,

2. who loves to read,

3. who likes to play with electronic devices, (by the way, does 'tinker' have to imply clumsiness?) and

4. who loves the company of his family/friends.

One word for each trait.

Thank you very much.
1 2 3
bookish, book-lover
computer/game nerd (slang)
family-oriented, sociable, affable
Hi Marius,

In 'He likes to tinker with things like machanical watches', is he sort of clumsy?

No source for the sentence. I made it up. I can't say where and when, but I've heard something like that said and was under the impression there wasn't clumsiness involved, but dictionary suggests otherwise.
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Hi Barb,

No, in my mind, there's no implication of clumsiness at all. Someone who likes to tinker just likes to see how things work, puts things together, takes them apart, etc.

There's a similar word: putter. My dad likes to putter around in the garage. Build little things, etc.
Many thanks, Barbara.
>'He likes to tinker with things like machanical watches'
to play with, deal with
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Thanks- now I'm able to use 'tinker with' without hesitation.
If the following are correct phrases (or collocations), is there any difference between them? (they seem to be possible as you can see many hits when googled)

a. personality traits

b. personal traits

c. personal characteristics

e. personal characters
Someone who is willing to help others is often referred to as: "chritable"/"benevolent"
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