Im writing a short passage on a house, but i want to make it seem like its an old lady all alone and then at the last moment say its a house. Has anyone got some good ideas or sentences i can use to make this work?
Are you using a brush or a roller?
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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good luck...lolz
You already spoiled the surprise by saying "it is a house".

My sticks are trembling.More than forty years I haven't done a face lift.I'm falling apart,piece by piece,and bit by bit.My beauty is long gone,I'm just an old lady.
any feelings in it?
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My chimmney needs cleaning
I have no time for any feeling

Thank you

You we're so not helpful.

The flowers were begging for water!!

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you can say that it was halloween and some kids who are going trick or treating and so much fun until they got lost. then they see a house decorated and the kids go and knock on the door. an old woman opens the door and invites the kids to come in. inside looks really weird and the kids asks "what is this place?" and the old woman answers it is obviously a house....