What is the difference btw personnel and staff? Are they interchangeable?

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personnel is largely restricted to business or government communications
In short,

personnel is used for business or government communications.

staff is used for business, government communications and all other things.

Is it right?

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I would say that they are LARGELY interchangeable. Some companies just use them differently. I was accustomed to "staff" meaning the people who reported directly to a person. "Nancy's staff has really grown since her area has taken over responsiblity for regulatory compliance."

However, I've since worked places where "staff" simply means "all the people who work there."
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Thanks, but that's what I have known.

1/What I don't know is when they are interchangeable, when they can't be interchangeable, clearly.

2/Besides, in library personnel staff, either personnel or staff is redundant (because both staff and personnel here refer to the same thing)? Is it right? If not, why?


It's not what you are asking, but I suspect that you will find the word 'employees' used in many places where an English learner might try to use 'staff' or 'personnel'.

Best wishes, Clive

Can I say library staff personnel ? If yes, library staff personnel = library personnel staff ?

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