hi everyone..

i have an assignment to give a speech in persuasive pattern..
do you have any suggestions about an interesting topic..??
i don't even get a topic yet... ..

thanks a lot Emotion: smile
Hello, Dwi.

We really cannot help you with this since we do not know you or your interests. Pick a topic that is personally interesting and then use Google to search it. Be sure that there is adequate information on the net, in other sources, or already in your own knowledge and experience to help you build a good argument.
i have decided a topic.. the topic is " saving our rainforest "
and then in my power point, i define the definition of rainforest first. afterthat i explain the effect of destroying of rainforest.. at last i persuade the audience to protect the rainforest..

is it appropiate to be a persuasive speech ?
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That's right. The teacher will grade you on how convincing your persuasion is, so be sure to build clear explanations for your reasons.
thanks a lot sir... Emotion: smile
i still have three days to prepare on my speech.. wish me luck ...
Good luck. Don't forget to practice it aloud.
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