alot of people in my family always say petted but i tell them its pet....sorry for the english typing errors
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Now see? I grew up in the northeast too, and "petted" sound so weird to me that I just thought it was wrong. I'm glad I'm not alone in that.

Jim, do you know any self-respecting cat who would hold still long enough to be throwed up on? Emotion: cat How about "The cat throwed up - I put it on your pillow."
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The cats in California have no self-respect! They're shameless!

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Well, I think it should be pet. Petted does sound rediculous. I don't think petted is a word, and I wanted to find out and stumbled onto this website. I think pet is correct, and it is going to work for me.
In the US we say PETTED as Past Tense......

but you're right about a lot being two words....whereas, a parking lot is 3 words.
Martha from the site SPOGG says the proper word is petted.
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I am currently enrolled at Yale studying to be an english Phd. On my most paper, pet vs. petted was the topic. Actually, petted is a viable word. You can say "the dog wants to be petted."
AnonymousActually, petted is a viable word
I'd never thought of "petted" as anything except viable -- and normal. Emotion: stick out tongue

The vote from my neck of the woods (same state as Yale, but 50 miles further east) is for pet/petted/petted.
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Hi guys,

Truth be told, 'pet' as past tense always sounds pretty odd to me.

My Canadian Oxford Dictionary shows only 'petted' for past tense.

Best wishes, Clive
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Ha. Man, you could tell they weren't exactly using correct grammar anyways. Why correct 'em on that?
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