alot of people in my family always say petted but i tell them its pet....sorry for the english typing errors
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I, too, came to this site randomly to find out if 'petted' was a proper term.
In my case, I am writing in the past tense of my deceased dog. The sentence is, "He got fur all over anyone who petted him." In this case, petted sounds much more correct than simply 'pet', at least in my mind. So as long as it's a real word, I'm sticking to it.
I found this to when I went looking for it. I've only said pet, not petted, but I got in an argoment with someone about it, so I decided to google it. This forum was on the first page.
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They both start to sound ridiculous if you say them enough. I think they both sound right...and wrong. I use petted and my wife uses pet. To say "I pet the cat", sounds better than "I petted the cat".

But my wife says " The cat likes to be pet", which sounds far more ridiculous to me than "The cat likes to be petted"

That's like sayin "The cat likes to be brush", instead of "The cat likes to be brushed".
I think you are out voted on this one but use which ever you feel comfortable with. I am more comfortable with petted. If you are more comfortable with the word pet then use it no will put you in jail for it.
Honestly I don't see why people are saying, "Pet is right, petted just sounds ridiculous and I don't care what anyone else says." Look at the dictionary. There's no such thing as the past tense "Pet", so therefore the answer must be "Petted". Sorry that you're wrong, original poster, just don't correct them anymore without saying that you were wrong.
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AnonymousPlease don't say "My cat likes to be pet." It sounds ridiculous. All the dictionaries I've referred to (including the OED) favor "petted."
"My cat likes to be petted" sounds more ridiculous. The word petted in general sounds ridiculous, almost puerile. Then again, the Enlgish langauge is pretty absurd. Although it can be beautiful.
Hi Previous Poster,

It seems to be a matter of where one lives. I live in Canada, and in my experience 'petted' sounds fine and normal here.

Where do you live?

why wouldn't you then have "fedded" the fish?
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Anonymouswhy wouldn't you then have "fedded" the fish?
Because it's wrong.
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