alot of people in my family always say petted but i tell them its pet....sorry for the english typing errors
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I agree with you. I told my dad that it isin't a word but it is.The only reason i said that was because it sound weird!
Regardless how many different pockets of believers there are in favour/favor of one word over another, the number of dictionaries or online sources that exist can hardly be our guide. We know that eventually common usage dictates what words "exist". I used to say knit as the past tense, now I say knitted (both for the verb and adjective). I don't have a dog, but my wife and I petted about forty years ago.
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Petted is a word that has seen lesser use since the 20th century as it was more commonly used prior to the beginning of the 1900's some of the greatest authors from before the 1900's have used is it. For three examples from Grammartist.com :

And indeed, some familiar Horses love to be so petted, and will by that means eat twice as much as they would do if they were left to themselves. [A New Treatise on the Diseases of Horses, William Gibson (1754)]
he, provoked at the apparent indifference of her petted darling, positively declared he should come to her, or be sent out of the room. [The Decision: A Novel (1811)]
We agreed, without any more consultation, that we would both go, and that Dora was a little Impostor, who feigned to be rather unwell, because she liked to be petted. [David Copperfield, Charles Dickens (1849)]

Here is the link to the specific site location http://grammarist.com/usage/pet-petted /
That's exactly how i feel. Texted isn't a word, either to me. I hate when people say texted.
Pet is most definitely not the past tense of the verb pet. It is petted, even here in the US, where I was born and have lived my entire life. "My dog loves to be petted." is correct. "My dog loves to be pet." is incorrect. The use of "pet" as you describe it is a recent aberration in the US and seems only to be used by people under 40.
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Brits say petted; in the U.S. "Pet" for past tense is common and acceptable. I've rarely seen "pet" written, but I find myself inclined to use it. What shall I do? What shall I do? 🙀

You could consider 'stroked'.

It is common but it is not acceptable. The correct word is petted and any decent copy editor would correct you. It is also common for people 30 and under to say "like" every third or fourth word. Just because something is common doesn't mean it's acceptable.

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Pet used as past tense is wrong. It's petted!
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