alot of people in my family always say petted but i tell them its pet....sorry for the english typing errors
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Thank you! I used to volunteer for an animal rescue and would get so annoyed reading the adoption profiles for the animals when they'd say things like "Riley likes to be pet." No, Riley likes to be PETTED.

You need to go back to school and learn proper English then. You are also probably one of those people that say things like “The cat wants to be pet.” The proper English and tense is “The Cat wants to be petted.” Now you could say in a very English tone “The Cat needs a good petting.” or “”You should pet the cat.”

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I live in the US and I say petted for past tense. Always have.

No I am not getting used to it. Petted in the simple past tense always sounds horrible to me even though my gf keep nagging about it. I never in over 50 years heard anyone use petted for SIMPLE past tense until her.

anonymous I am not getting used to it.

You haven't said it enough yet. The more you say it, the righter it will sound.


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