alot of people in my family always say petted but i tell them its pet....sorry for the english typing errors
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It may depend on context. When do they use the word petted and you want to use pet?
They use it as past tense...like I petted the dog earlier...I still think its pet though
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It is 'petted' if you are speaking of the past. If you are speaking of the future, it is 'pet'.

I petted the dog yesterday.

I will pet the dog.

There is also "I pet the dog", which says that I pet habitually the dog.
Interesting - in the US, we'd say "pet" as the simple past.

"I pet the cat before work and now I'm covered with cat hair."

And by the way, "a lot" is two words. It's a very frequent mistake by native speakers, but makes pedantic people like me wince.
While a verb ending in a lax vowel plus a "t" is frequently an irregular verb with no "ed" form (cut, shut, put, let, set, slit, fit), this is not always the case. Note the following regular verbs:

pet, petted
net, netted
pit, pitted

My dictionary lists them that way, anyway, and it's an American Heritage Dictionary.


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this is not resolved, Petted is not a word.

Petted is not a word. Tell that to my cat. I just pettedhim a moment ago. Emotion: smile

Petted is a word, but it sounds ridiculous. Stick with pet.
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