it's like a bad movie - small town philanthropist stumbles across hidden secrets in his search for pictures of a not-so-discreet love interest (this could be where you come in maj). captured by the thought police, he is administered drugs to make him more complacent and less interested in pursueing the truth. could it be curtains for our hero? will we ever hear from peter again? stay tuned as this fiendish plot unfolds.....


by the way mike, could you possibly re-activate my account? i am no longer in romania using peter's computer (back in canada for the summer) and would like to contribute to the list.
Hi Imi,
I'm sorry to say the account is irretrievable. I'm afraid to say you will have to open a new one, sorry.

Staying tuned.
What does this post mean? Where do I come in?

mod; Its a mystery Maj.