Hungary is far away…
by Attila József

Hungary is far.
Hungary is over the mountains.
From there you would come
with birds, singers in short skirts,
it would be dawn,
nice, clean anvils would clink in the silence.

Sir, haven’t you met Hungary?
I know your tongue is heavy.
I know my heart is heavy.
Sir, haven’t you met Hungary?

Girls, many of them, are running,
as the morning wind,
with hair streaming in the Eastern sky.
And she’s kneading a fat milk loaf,
she’s prettier than the evening shadow of a lily.

Sir, haven’t you met Hungary?
It’s autumn there,
in our tiny gardens
swishing dry flowers are planted
by God.
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Sorry, I made a mistake.

Philips for Christmas

Mother, here's my present.

It's a steam iron.
It feels good together.
It's a Philips. Modern.
Let's make things better.
Just what a mother always wanted! It could have been worse, a vacuum cleaner / hoover.
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I may not give it to her, though. It's so sexy here on my coach. I think I'll keep it. I mean her.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
Are you talking about an iron being sexy? Do you still have a hangover? I was expecting you to write the most wonderful Christmas poem for your mum and you write about an iron being sexy? What was your Christmas wish I wonder?
I wonder if he's got an imprent from a hot iron scorched onto his face courtesy of his mother's appreciation for her gift?
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Very funny, Woody. Tell us what you got your wife. Anything romantic by the way?
An iron! I said it it wasn't appropriate for your mother but I didn't say anything about the wife!Emotion: wink (Evil LOL)
No, just joking! It was a frying pan. Ha ha ha ha!
But seriously, I got my wife something very special that could only be given to my wife... my heart. The thing is, when it started bleeding all over the floor, she told me to put it back and give her something more appropriate. Nothing worse for Christmas than being on your hands and knees scrubbing stains out of the carpet. So, while I was scrubbing away and gaining some extra arm muscles in the process, I thought about what could I give her that was truly special. I couldn't think of anything so maybe I'll get her something next year.Emotion: smile (I can see the look of horror on your face already Maj).
BUT...what did I really give her...mmmm...that's a secret though I'll give a clue (and at the same time something that will torment you over the next few days), it was something from New Zealand.
Wow, you are such a hard working boy! I'd love to see your muscles. Don't tell me that you are going to post a picture of your muscles! I bet your wife must be really proud of them.I don't get the New Zealand thing. Something to do with a bathing suit? I definitely need another clue.
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