Hello, can you write the phonetic diagram of the following words? ɪə : beard, weird, fierce, ear, beer, tear,year,real,experience,nearly.eə: aired, cairn, scarce, bear, hair,air,fair,wary,stairs,rarely.uə: moored, tour, lure, sure, pure,tourist,cure,jury,pure,Good. eɪ : paid, pain, face, shade, age, wait, taste, paper,poor,shirt.aɪ: tide, time, nice, buy, bike, pie, eye, kite, fine,mice.ɔɪ: void, loin, voice, oil, boil, coin, toy, Roy,join,choice.əu: load, home, most, bone, phone, boat, bowl,post,No,show.au: loud, gown, house, cow, bow, brow, grouse,haul,launch,sauce
candle fold 989beard

British English: bɪəd

American English: bɪrd

You can do the transcriptions yourself here. I am not going to take the next hour or two posting each word! Or check wiktionary:



Some of those are in the wrong category, namely,

real, good, poor, shirt, haul, launch, and sauce.

I just took a quick look, so there may be others.

candle fold 989phonetic diagram

I think you meant "phonetic transcription", didn't you?


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Thank you so much

The link did not show, so it is here (with extra spaces)

https: // tophonetics.com/

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Yes, I mean "phonetic transcription."