could u tell me is there a free website teaching people how to pronounce phonetics

i know all the 26 symbol of phonetic very well,what i want to learn now are those words

eg, ove ,(glove , love)
oin (coin)

ow (have 2 pronounciation -one is long o , (low ) the other is ou sound eg (cow)
how should i explain to my son when you use long o and when u use ou

i want to know the pronounciation of ove, oin , so that i can rhymes it ,some of the word i know cannot be rhymes eg. want .can u show me other eg ,what is non-phonetics ?

we as a layman , we know since we were taught to pronoun want when we were young, but when i taught my son phonetic, he would throw back the question to me when i taught him how to pronoun" want" , he said: mum how come this cannot use phonetic
seem i can break the word out eg. he pronoun it as went or when .

how should i explain this kind of situation to him, because he knew how to break the word for pronounciation.

many tks to your assistance in the matter
The trouble with English is that many words which are pronounced phonetically and it can just be a case of learning each variation individually. It may seem bizarre to speakers of more sensible (!) languages but it is quite possible for a native speaker to come across a new word and not know how to pronounce it.

Phonics certainly gives you a good groundwork though, so persevere with it.

'ove' is pronounced 'uv' so gluv, luv.

oin is pronounced 'oy-n' in coin and some other words.

ow - I'm not sure there is a rule to cover this, sorry, you may just have to learnt which is appropriate for each word.
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Thank you very much for your prompt reply , but i am sorry i did not come across this word 'uv' and don't know how to pronounce. can you give me a better eg.
such as the same pronounication like (hair, hare ) .

since you did not advise me any free website that have taught the pronounciation of phonetics, i presume there isn't any,do you know of some disc i could buy to help me (but i want those that have break the word for pronunciation, many times , the discs which i bought back has taught us how to pronounce all word , but without breaking the word.

many tks

'uv' is not really a word, it is just how you would pronounce the syllable 'ove' in some words. I can't think of any helpful examples as they are all spelt 'ove' as well!

Think of the word 'other'. The 'o' matches the 'u' sound. Then you need to follow it with a 'v' sound instead of the 'th'.
thanky you very much!
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