Firstly thanks to Marvin A, Marius Hancu and Califjim for their 
help so far. This is the 2nd time of posting as it was suggested that
I now post this in this catagory. What I am asking for is help to 
change the following 3 questions from IPA phonics to English script 
and vica versa (British English), the first one was quite simple I 
think but the two I am stuck on are changing from English script to 
IPA phonic script. Also as you can see I am not able to work out how 
you do phonics on this message board, but I have done my best.
Q1.  aI m/\st gəu tu: si: maI br/\ðəz nu: haus
A1.  I  must  go  too see  my  brothers new house
Q2.  It had been a hot summer and I was expected a bumper crop of
A2. It hæd bin ə  h+t s/\m: ænd aI w-z ekspekted ə b/\mpər kr+p əv
raspberries and gooseberries
ræzberiz  ænd   guzberiz
+ = back to front a     - = back to front c  /\ = u as in  put
 Q3.  It was a great pity that the train was late as it meant I might 
 A3.  It w-z ə greit pIti  ðæt ðə trein w-z le8t  əz It ment  aI mait 
now be in danger   of  missing my plane

nau bi in de8ng4r ə\/ mis:iŋ ma8 ple8n

8 = Small capital I 4 = small capital E back to front

Thats as far as I have got to so far, any help and corrections would
be well appreciated in helping me out here, thanks

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It had been a hot summer and I was expected a bumper crop...
Should be "I was expecting"?