Hi all,

Please help me.

1. What is Phonetics?

2. How can I use it?

3. How do I improve it?

4. Give me best resources on the net
The acquisition and use of the phonetic alphabet will help you develop good pronunciation. Here is a place to [url="http://www2.arts.gla.ac.uk/IPA /"]START[/url]. And [url="http://faculty.washington.edu/dillon/PhonResources/PhonResources.html "]HERE[/url] and [url="http://www.utexas.edu/courses/linguistics/resources/phonetics /"]HERE[/url].
AnonymousHere is awesome guide to english phonetics

I don't think that the person who wrote it is a native English speaker.

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Hi Mister Micawber ,

Thank you for your reply, I have clicked what you sent me. It is very strange to me. I am not able to understand symbols what is available on the net and how to use it. Please help me on this problem.

I think, I have to take course to learn this topic. Please give me suggestion to learn fast faced.

Advanced Thanks,

Start by looking in the dictionary of your own language, Selva-- where there should be an IPA or modified phonetic system to indicate the pronunciation of words in your native language. These same symbols or similar ones (unfortunately, many dictionaries cling to their own variety of symbols rather than adopting the complete IPA system) can also be seen in English and bi-lingual English dictionaries-- and there will also be a key to their use for pronounciation in the front of the English dictionary.

An important step is to learn to WRITE the IPA symbols as well as read them-- then you will be able to use IPA to accurately copy natural pronunciation.

For example, if you hear me say I have got to go, you will be able to write this phrase as /ai gadə gou/.

And then you will be able to read it aloud and pronounce the phrase just as I do. It took me only a week or two to teach myself the IPA characters used in transcribing English, so I know that it is not a difficult task, and is extremely useful.

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

Here is awesome guide to english phonetics https://custom-writing.org/blog/phonetics . Read it to find all answers to your questions.

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