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Actually, the sentence that is used to test all the letter keys on a typewriter is:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Your version does not include the letters "b" and "w," which this version includes.

As far as listing all the vowel sounds, that's almost impossible. Each vowel has a variety of sounds, depending on where it is within the word, whether the syllable it is in is stressed or not stressed, and other factors. And in some cases, the vowel isn't pronounced at all. The "long" versions of the vowel sounds are:

A as in LAZY

E as in EACH

I as in ICE

O as in OPEN

U as in MULE

There are also "short" vowel sounds for each:

A as in ABOUT

E as in EVERY

I as in INK

O as in ONION


Vowel sounds change if two vowels are placed together (this is called a diphthong) or if a vowel is in an unstressed syllable. There are too many to list here but there are websites that will help.

I hope this information is a start.

Can I please use your phone?

The boy's dog burnt its tongue and fur badly on rocks left baking in fire near the owl in the tower.

It is not far from here but he is in pain. I must go.

kæn aɪ pliz juz jɔɚ foʊn?

ðə bɔɪz dɔg bɝnt ɪts tʌŋ ænd fɝ ˈbædli rɑks lɛftˈbeɪkɪŋ ɪn nɪɚ ði aʊl ɪn ðə ˈtaʊɚ.

ɪt ɪz nɑt fɑr hir bʌt hi ɪz ɪn peɪn. aɪ məst go.

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