Hi everybody!

I have a question as folows:

Can you explain me about the differential of plural of photo: photos or photoes

when i search in the Internet about plural of photo: there are lot of "photos" and "photoes" to be found.

Best Regards!

Mai Duc Thong
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Only photos is correct.

There is a lot of incorrect English on the internet.Emotion: crying


Clive is right.
However, I think it's ok to use photoes if u say/chat/email a friend in a casual way
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But why would you want to add an 'e'? What do you gain?

First of all thank you so much guys.

Yes, I only think "photos" is correct

Best regards.

I don't do but some odd guys do.

Look fun. I think.
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Or do you mean looke fune?Emotion: smile

The reaon one would add the "e" would be to differentiate it in cadence: if someone's name was "Photos" it would be phonotactically usual for an English-speaker to pronounce it "foe-toss." Dictionaries state that there is no "e", yet, it is a perfectly sensible application of existing English spelling dynamics. I understand that "photo's" is the original form, and that the apostrophe that indicated the absence of "-graph" erroded at some stage. So "photos" is the abbreviated form of "photographs", yet, "photoes" could be the plural form of "photo" if "photo" was a word in its own right. The two wordsdescribe the same thing, yet, the words themselves arrive from different routes. I think that the only reason that "photos" has prevailed is because dictionaries asserted this early on; I would consider it a suppressed variant, rather than a common misspelling.
I like the fune
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