I'd like to describe someone's position in a group photo. Is this sentence correct? "He is in the lower/bottom row, third to the left". If not, how to say it properly?

Thank you


He is in the lower/bottom row, third from the left.


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Thank you, Clive!

Is it correct to start a sentence with: "In the lower row, from the left there are sitting: X, Y, Z"?

You might say, for example:

X, Y, and Z are sitting in the lower row, the first three people from the left end.

But this identification of people in photos is notoriously bad. It's almost impossible to give a complete identification of a group photo by words only. The best way to identify the people is to have a picture of the photo in silhouette form, with all the silhouettes numbered. Then on a separate sheet of paper give all the numbers with the corresponding name.

Thanks, Anonym. I like your advice very much!

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It would be an unusual arrangement that had a bottom row. They would have to be on a scaffold of some kind or looking out of the Centre Pompidou. It's the front row, even if they are sitting on a lower step or something.

I see. If there are three rows, what would you call them? Front/lower, middle, top/higher?

HotmaleIf there are three rows, what would you call them?

The usual group picture has the tallest people in the back row, other people in the middle row, and the people in the front row are often sitting down.

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Thank you!