Hi guys,

I know that I said that I'll send some photos of my home town. But one of my colleagues, from the company
I'm working for, recommended me to visit DinoSaurusPark, which is located about an two hours outside of my
home town. This park is very similar to the park, which you have seen in the Jurassic Park movies. In fact,
all models of animals looked like alive..Emotion: smile, so I really felt like in the "Jurassic Park" movies..:-)
Just look at the photos..:-)

Best Regards


hmmm....I didn't know that engine of EF doesn't fully support HTML posts...Emotion: crying. Please guys, what type of the HTML tags are you supporting? You have removed the "Preview" button from the phorum capabilities, so I don't have a chance to see how the post is going to look...That means that every attempt to align img tags is a little shot in the dark. Btw preview of the post is very easy to implement if you're using Ajax...Emotion: wink. I'll try to send it later with some more photos..:-)).

Best Regards


You can see the "preview" label on top of the message you're composing, or,
if you're answering a post, on top of the post you're replying to.
There are three labels: "compose", "options", "preview". Can you see them?

As for enclosing images in a post, I am now posting the very first picture in your post:

(missing image)

Don't know how you tried posting it ... I hit the "insert image button"
(sort of landscape pic) in the advanced editor.

EDIT: it's huge!!! I resized the photo (and I can see a much smaller
pic in the preview) but in the post the original size is retained.
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Hi Tanit,

Thanks for reply!. Yes, I see Insert/Edit image button, but it's not working for me...Every attempt of locating the image on my hard drive ends with the crash of this HTML widget...Emotion: crying...But you were successfull, which means that something strange is happening on my system..:-(...To the preview button, I tried the Firefox viewer and there it works fine for me, but on my IE 7.0 doesn't...:-( WTF? Hey, I was planning to see the horror movie The Ruins, but it seems that I'll be tuning my pc instead. God damn...:-(. Of course, I owe an apology to admins. Problems on my pc aren't your fault..:-)))

Thanks. I'm gonna see what's happening on my pc..Emotion: hmm