Hi guys,

My vacation is coming to an end, so I decided to visit at least one castle near my hometown.
This time I choosed beautiful castle Lysice, which is located maybe 25 km outside of my hometown.
This castle was built at a former place of a medieval fortress. It has got its todays shape from
the 30s of the 18th century when it was reconstructed in Baroque style. The interiors were also
reconstructed in classical style in the beginning of the 19th century. The historically important
interiors are all preserved with original furnishing and rich collections (libraries, gallery, chapel
with little organ). One of the libraries belonged to a very important Austrian writer -
Marie Ebner from Eschenbach, born Dubska, who spent part of her life here and she is also buried here.
The complete reconstruction began in 1967 and in 1972 the castle was opened for public.
In the castle garden you can see for example a beautiful porch (first two photos in row 3),
it is a European rarity! They didn't allow us to make a photos inside of the castle, but I made some
photos outside of the castle, especially in the reconstructed beautiful castle garden. Well, enjoy the
photos, btw I put them at server, where they should stay really long time. So I hope they won't vanish
after one week..:-))

Best Regards


Very nice pictures, JCD! Emotion: smile
Good views

Emotion: smile
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Thanks CB... I took that photo of the swan especially for you..Emotion: smile.
Greetings to Finland! [Y]

Best Regards

JCDentonThanks CB... I took that photo of the swan especially for you...

Gee, thank you, JCD!Emotion: smile Even a flag! Today must be a special day. Here's to you: [D]