Hi everyone,

Here are some photos from my trip to İstanbul. First of all, I want to inform you that Hagia Sophia and

Sultan Ahmed are both mosques. Emotion: smile The only difference is that Hagia Spohia was church before

and now it is a museum. I call them "two brothers". Here is their photos looking at each other.

On the right is Hagia Sophia and on the left is Sultan Ahmed Mosque. In this photo they don't

seem to be looking at each other exactly but in fact they are at the both end of a street!

The current building was originally constructed as a church between 532 and 537 AD on the orders

of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. In Greek, it means Holy Wisdom.In 1453, Constantinople

was conquered by the Ottomans and Sultan Mehmed II ordered the building to be converted into a mosque.

Let's start with Hagia Sophia. I took this picture from a site to make you see the inside of the church better.

It is written Allah, God, and prophet Muhammed in Arabic.

It is a two-storey-building. You climb to the second floor from a place like a maze.

At the top is Mother Mary.

You can see Jesus depicted everywhere.

At the second floor there are mozaics from Roman Empire times. I can't tell you all the story in

detail. just think about this as a commercial and please search for more information if you are interested.

And Mihrab, showing towards Mecca.This was built by Muslims later as you guess.

These two pictures show things related with Islam.

And here is the marble jar. It was brought from Pergamon during the reign of Sultan Murad III.

Originally from the Hellenistic period, it was carved from a single block of marble.

A classroom

I guess it is called medrese. Students were educated here at Ottoman times.

Another mosaic of Mother Mary and propher Jesus.How cute he is! (I mean the depiction ehem)

I don't know what this is called but you put your finger in the hollow and if you can turn your hand close

to 360 degrees,

it is believed that all your wishes will come true. I tried but I copuldn't. By the way, I saw a boy who

could do this and

he was security officer there. Maybe he knows the clue! I begged him but he didn't want to confide.

Now here is the other brother Sultan Ahmed Mosque. I didn't take much photo because to me all mosques

are almost same.

The mosque is one of several mosques known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior.

It was built between 1609 and 1616, during the rule of Ahmed I.

And the inside of the mosque

Another scenery of the mosque

I said I didn't take much photo but I couldn't stop myself and found some photos for you.

And the last photo, Bosphour.

I want to finish with a small talk.

Ehem ehem, clearing my throat, I just want to say that Turkey, namely Anatolia, has a lot of cultures ,

languages, different histories on its lands. So, I read discussion on forums and see that new generation

talk without knowing anything, without being careful. Before Muslims and Turks, Christian people and

the ancestors from Europe lived on our lands and when they went they left their history and culture

behind which means when you are talking about Turkey you should be careful because it may have

even the slightest relation with your own history, with your own culture or with your own ancestors.

If Turkey is in peace, your history will be in peace too, if Turkey is in peace, your remnants from

your ancestors will be safe too, if Turkey is in peace, your culture can be showed to new generations.

Hagia Sophia is only one of the examples.
Nice pictures, Doll! Thanks for sharing them!
Thanks to you Doll , for this photos and to Turkish goverment to open Holy Sofia mosaik . Its really great plase .
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Burcu, I'm amazed! Turkey is full of beautiful places. Someday I'm going to visit Turkey and I would be your guest!Emotion: smile

Best wishes,
Thank you all for your replies!

Jackson, you are welcome. Emotion: smile
thank you doll

it is a nice place to visit
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You are welcome Sally.
hehe good photos¬¬¬