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Hello Everyone: I am a technical writer for a computer software firm in Central India. This photo was taken by my wife during our honeymoon more than 7 years back. img src...


(missing image) The pic was taken 3 years ago in a trendy Austrian nightclub (Volksgarten - for all the Austrains out there) I'm the guy on the right and an Aussie mate of...

Newbie's Pics =)

Hola! Since I have introduced myself here I'll post some pics so you can see the flesh which has just joined the boards hehe. here we go: ok I think that's all.. i don't...

On Top It Is Me,

On top it is me, the live manifestation of megalomania. Below is my friend in the role of machisimo. (missing image) Guess who, guess where! (missing image) bubr

Who Can Tell Me How To Post Pictures Here...

I can not find any button for that.
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