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Hi, I Am Dew 2007

Hello, this is me near the Oka river in my native town of Kolomna, Moscow region, Russia

Here We Go!

Well, this is me... Do I look like the way you thought? [Y]

Hi,I'm Santerwen

I come from China. I have a dream that I can read and speak English, many years passed, Now I'm 30 already, the dream still is a dream. I registered my MSN as :[ removed by...

Hey Guys, I'm New Here. Let's Make Friends...

Hi, everyong, U can call me Peter. I'm a boy from China and planning study abroad now. My MSN is Email Removed . I wanna travell all over the world, and also, welcome everyone...

Effects Of A MEPHI Exam On The Students

Hope this right-after-exam picture is quite unambiguous: [URL=[link]] [/URL]

Sweet Like Chocolate?

Hi, I am Aileen and I am sweet like chocolate, amn't I? But actually I don't want to be bigheaded, because I am not bigheaded. So, I let it be your choice to decide, if I...

English Summer

Hello people, was a little bored and found this forum. I like to banter with all sorts of folk, I feel I have a very universal empathy. I like to go places when I can and consider...

Hello ~~Everyone ,I Am A New Here Form...

hello ,my friends ,I am a new arrival here , I am form China, I want to practise my english ,I want to make friend with anyone , my msn is Email Removed">[email protected]

All Right This Is Me :):)

I want to learn meet a lot of people

I Am New

hello ,my friends ,I am a new arrival here , I am form China, I want to practise my english ,I want to make friend with anyone , my msn is Email Removed">[email protected]

Hi It's Jeff

I am learning english. I am from France, and I am studying for some years. I have a dream, to go in China later See you !

Pics... (Fixed)

Encounter [URL=[link]] [/URL] "Gone fishing" [URL=[link]] [/URL] Mother and daughter [URL=[link]] [/URL] Reflection [URL=[link]] [/URL]

Morning Dew

It happens that some incredible things are concealed from our eyes in the morning grass. A few days ago I was lucky to capture a couple of them. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Some Bugs

Hi, folks! Not, this thread is not about computer bugs, but about real ones! I had a walk yesterday and captured something lovely. Hope you'll like it!

My Ugly Picture

My name is HuangLei^-^

Spanish Guy

Hi, This is me and my tongue

All Right, This Is Me..;-)

Let me introduce myself...;-) I'm 24 years old. And I works as an programmer in a software company. Hobby list: - Maintaining of my car (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII) ... -...

From HK

[6] Hi everyone.I come from Hong Kong.HAHA....I am a girl. It is truth. I want to improve my English. And I also want to know more people who are 13-18 too.

Hei, Here My Photo Is.

I've discovered English Forums coincidentally while I was making a researchment on something. But really glad to be here, lots of companionable people here. And it's also marvelous...

Hi All , This Is Me, Lets Be Friends


Hello~ Greetings From China~~

hehe ,it's me~ last winter

A Beautiful Girl In China:Liuyifei刘亦菲

a beautiful girl in china:liuyifei刘亦菲 she is only 20years old but when she was 15years old ,she show her first TV play these photo is she was 18years old in TVplay 神雕侠侣


Hi~everyone, I am kinda new to ESL. I must say, this is a terrific place to improve my English.

A Little Gal From Vietnam

^^ my leg is third one from the bottom it's me my friends call me "light doll"[}] do i look like a doll,heheh[H] not much ugly,i think so[X]

**H-O-N-G-K-O-N-G GIRL// Let's Be Friends...

Hope to be friends with all of you,, you guys can add me in your MSN list if you want! I'm the one at the right hand side:: having lunch with my friends school...
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