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My Photo!

Hey, nice to meet you! See my photo, could you guess where I come from?! ...

Hello, Everyone!

My name is Vars, I am from Minsk, Belarus.

I ,Handsome , From China

It's me . I'll be glad to share my happy with friends from allover the world .

Re: Moi :: A 14 Year Old, Chinese Canadian...

Welcome to your new home. Enjoy yourself! [Y]


Hi... I'm back - Hehe... X'mas is coming up... and my life has been like so busy... I'm going out with different friends everyday... been booked for the entire holidays... ...


Maverick here

Hi There ~ It's Me

i m a korean girl haha i m glad to know u all

Fiat 500, My Favorite Car

I like Fiat 500 old model so much, it's the masterpiece of car-kind :-) I would like to share with you, my friend.

Here I Am~

This is me,a mid-school student,come and be be my pal!here is my photo:-------- my E-mail is Email Removed"> Email Removed looking forward your letter!!...

My Daughter

Here is a picture of me with my oldest daughter. She is 2 1/2, and her sister Hayley is 11 months. Here we are feeding the hummingbirds.

I Like Randomness.

Amazing what my friends can talk me into.


If you want to know how do I look like?;)



Hello Body ! I'm Mr Lee

I want to make friend with .....

I'm From Malaysia.Nice To Meet U Guys...

Hey guys,What's up! haha...nice to meet u all.I'm from Malaysia,i just knew this site on last month and found that it's really intersting.I always want to improve my english,hope...

Hehe,Sorry,I Forget Add My Photo, Try...

My photo, I am in center of Coopenhagen,Danmark, Does someone know there?

And That's Me!...

And that's me!...

Hi.. Guys !!! I'm Just A New Comer

hi .. everyone here it's my first time now...... may I join your forum ?

Greetings From Congo

Hey all, So I am new to this site, just joined today. I started my online TESOL course yesterday, and hope that this forum will help me with some of the more tricky aspects of...

Do You Wanna Know Me ? Check The Pthotes

bad look in my dormitory room!

Hi All !

I hope we can present ourself here. I am new on this forum, and I want to learn english thanks to it - and my dictionnary in my desk of course I will glance through on different...

Old Fortress In Black Sea Coast

Hello . I photo this in my last rest into coast of Black Sea Old turkish fortress "Kafa" in Feodosia (Ukraina). In medieval time this city was built of Italiano settler from...


Hi everyone, I am new here, just joined. So i like to introduce myself to everybody. This is me


For all those who are unhappy,sad , lonely or hospitals. I thought I'd make your day a little brighter with a smile as no one likes to be alone awaking grumpy [A][}][K]

!!!Sightseeing In Turkey!!!

Some of the sightseeing from Turkey. What do you think??? ...
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