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And This Is Me!!! :P :O

[URL=] [/URL] [URL=] [/URL]

Here Is Doll

The one in blue is my class mate.

Removals Pictures

Thought you may like to see removal services when we visited the Far East!

Raul From Chile, Hi....

hi guys , i'm new here, i'm spanish speaker , so any doubt, just ask me , , i'm very glad to be part of this great comunity, see yaa [URL=] [/URL]

I'm Haider From Iraq

My Name is Haider B.A in English 24 male from Iraq I wish to study M.A Linguistics in the next year. and this is my picture in this website [link] ...

Hi! I'm Mateusz (From Poland), I Am New...

Hi I am Mateusz, I have 18 years. I like lern speak english, but I can't his good. I need frend who help me learn.

This Is Me

See, I'm not a "he."

Hello Everyone..I'm Arthur,I'm New Here

i'm Arthur,i'm a chinese boy... i'm studying in sydney now,my english is not i want to make more friends who speak english~ if u like,u can add my msn and chat to me....

Say Hello To Everyone With My Photo.

Hello, everybody in here.i am a new member of Englishforum,very nice to meet many friends all over the world . I hope we will talk so many topic that we interested.

Marcio From Brazil

Hello guys, i'm a newbie. I glad to join this community. You'll see that I don't speak English, but I try... Best regards.

Dasha From Russia

Hey everybody! That's me)))

Hi! This Me!

I am Mateusz (from Poland). I have 18 years. I need frends, who help me learn speak english.

Anton From Russia

Hi everybody! It is an amazing forum. I really like it here. Today I decided to put out my photo of my massive head . Tada-a-a-a! ------->

I'm In A Beautiful Cultural Old City(1...

i ----kevin , from China! work in yangzhou city jiangsu province! Yangzhou is a famous historic cultural city, no skyscrapers, no air polution, evergreen plants seen anywhere...

Two Towers From Guilin, China

Guilin is a beautiful city for travel

Kasshan Ki Photo

hi i am kashan how i look you can be my friends My e-mail is Email Removed"> Email Removed...

The New Comes !

hi, I'm the first time to come here! I want to be a fiend of you. will you do the same as I do ?

A Few Spring Shots By Me

Spring Means Life Or I just get it from Spring

My Photo....

hi. that is my photo.

Total Lunar Eclipse

I couldnt see this event when it happened so i searched some pictures of it on internet. Here they go...

My Foto

I love all people all on the vorld.

Naked Chinese In Frozen Arctic Ocean+...

The other 4 friends and I lend a car from Vancouver and started our journey by driving up toward north on Mar.5 th ,07. The temperature went down immediately after 3000km, it...

Friends Wanted(I'm A South Korean)

Hi everyone~ I'm really like foreign friends.. and.. I am looking forward to making a foreign friends... I'm 25 years old.. and male..and student. I wish to improve my english...

Felan Again^^

This is me. I'd like to be your friends. YOU can contact me if you like.

Me In My Close Friend's Graduation

Hey all, This photo was taken in my close friend's graduation. I'm the girl on the left hand side. I'm wearing our traditional costume. How is it ya? ^^ -Tammy
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