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I Wanne Make Friends With U

Hello Everyone! I am very glad that you can spend your time in looking at this post.And I hope that this post can help you to make friends easiler. So I decided to make a speacial...

That Is My Photo

[URL=[link]][/URL] dere every body im ali from saudi arabia , then it will be much better if i make a new frind and stady with you i hope approval me in this school . thank...

Hi All

hello .. how are you all ? my name is abdullah 22y wanna make friendship .................... this is my photo

It's Me

Regular poster of questions but rare one of answers [6] [/img]

Hi Its Me... A Turkish Boy

my name is serkan. thanks for adding me to your msn

Hi All I'm Here,This Me..

hi again,my names 18 new this forum.and this is my pics.. ...

Thats Me

[URL=] [/URL] [URL=] [/URL] If u wanna be friend with me Left ur e mail here please

That's Me!!!

Hey, I'm Solveig, 15 Years old from Berlin, Germany and that's a nice picture of me Enjoy it!!!



Hello! I'm New Here, But

Hello! I'm new here, but I wanted to share a photo with all of you and say: HEELLO!

This Is Me----A Chinese Girl~

I am from China^-^ my english is not good,but I want make friends here


Heya everyone thxx for your cmts on your last post *bored right now, so i'm gonna post up a bit more by the way, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong just yesterday, and...

It Is Time... post a picture of mine. Hello to everybody! [f]

Let's Be Friends..

Hye!! Let's be friends.. [edited by mid: the pic is deleted by the poster's request] ...

Oktays Photos

this is my photos my msn adres is [Personal contact removed by a moderator. Please add it ito your profile only.] ...


Hello I took this photo from my Garden what about it? let me know bye broken heart

Brazilian Son...

Hey, I'm Rodrigo, 26 yr old, Brazilian, I speak Português, Español and English. 日本語の学生。 This is me I'm looking for friends from other countries, mostly Japanese and English...

Hellooooo From Dallas Texas!!!!

This better work, I'm too lazy to try it again if it doesn't!! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years celebration!!! ...

Hello Everyone I Im Jiangle

HEY! My names Jiangle , come from beautiful China <suzhou city of Jiangsu Province ,a beautiful place> ! My english is not very well ,but very want to improve it . I find...

Hello!! I M Chinese..17//

this is me... ps me if you want to make friends with me!! : P 2006 february (recent pic) [link] 2005 september (old) [link]

Hi, Ahmed Picture

hi there this is me and my child hassan with my loved

Hey Everyone!!^-^

hey everyone!!^-^

Hello Liutong, Pengpeng, Hena, ... Everybody...

Hello I would like to suggest something Each of us could post a photo from his place, and then write an explanation text with 20 to 50 sentences Then other members could read...

|| Exclusive's Pics ||

[URL=] [/URL]

Terminator Cat

This is my fiend's cat (male) Vasya doing nothing more than just eating grass... His horrific appearance can be excused by his first being dragged out of the house... Here's...
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