Need a little help

For words which are both noun and verb can we use its gerund and noun form interchangeably.

I like to dance/I like dancing(gerund)

I like dance (noun)

Are these correct and mean the same

Which of the following is correct

I would 'look forward to' resign from this profile

I would look forward to resigning from this profile


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Having/to have gone through project details

- let me know if this sentense a perfect tense

I have read the rules for when we should use gerund or infinitives eg after prepositions, as subject/object etc...but are there any other rules/articles im supposed to be reading please let know. I need to understand the use of gerunds/infinitives/participles in depth


When I was in a meeting (is this a gerund)

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Please answer above questions
anonymous Please answer above questions

The thread is so long and torturous, that I lost trace of what questions you are referring to. Please post a new topic. Also, if you continue to post questions, please be so considerate as to register under a user name.