Hi guys,

could you please help with the phrase "brave the tower", it'd be great if you provide an examples, because I'm kinda frustrated about what it means in general...Because I believe it has some general meaning..Or am I wrong?

Few examples from the internet:

- From some fiction blog
"Find the courage within yourself to brave the Tower of Blood," said Zack in an overly dramatic scary voice. 
Cody bit his lip in thought. It was healthy to face to your fears.

- From some blog:
I'd rather brave the tower then return to Scotland, Rob announced.

- From Harry Potter:
Harry had been surprised none of his friends had tried to communicate with him. Considering all the adventures he figured 
Hermione or maybe Ginny would find a way. If not them, there were plenty of smart and resourceful witches and wizards in the 
D.A. but it didn't look like any of them had the stones to try anything. With the Twins gone, it seemed no one had the guts to try 
to brave the tower to try and see him. He wondered if the window had some sort of charm on it since he'd never seen any of the 
students in the Astronomy Tower ever looking his way.
The quotes refer to different towers.

The "Tower of Blood" has several references - an Ottoman defensive tower in northern Greece, a computer game, or a horror movie.

The "Tower of London" is a notorious prison associated with torture and execution. Presently it is a museum where the crown jewels are on display.

And of course, there are towers in the Harry Potter series.

The verb brave means to face or challenge with courage.

"Braving the tower" is literal, and its exact meaning depends on the nature of the tower. It can mean to put yourself at extreme risk in siege warfare by staging a frontal assault on the walls of the enemy's tower, or to courageously face torture in the Tower of London, etc.

We also have the expression "to brave the elements" which means to go outdoors in very bad weather.
Perfect, thanks a lot Alphecca!