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could you please help me with the phrase "pair of bollocks" in the following context? I'm working on the translation of the popular cooking show from UK, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, where Gordon Ramsay helps the restaurants which are on the edge to return back on their feet. In my episode Gordon tries to convince the chef that his food is long-winded, boring and out of date and that he shouldn't buy too expensive ingredience...he's poking him...

Gordon: When I poke him, I poke him for a reaction, to wake him up.
To get him out of that blanking acomatised attitude.
And so every time I want to dig him in the ribs,
I want someone to come back to me with something of a (?) pair of bollocks. (?) = ?
It's like he's sort of put at the back of his mind it's not really that important because getting all my potential ingredients is far more important than being a hundred grand in debt.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Please bear in mind that this Ramsay is a foul-mouthed bully who uses English that would be highly inappropriate for you to use in many contexts.Emotion: surprise

Best wishes, Clive
"bollocks" is a vulgar word for "testicles". In this sense, "a pair of bollocks" refers to the manly qualities of courage, confidence, fortitude etc.
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Thanks a lot Mr.Wordy for perfectly clear answer. [Y]
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