Hi guys again,

may I ask you for help with the interpretation of the phrase "piece of work"? What does it mean when I say to someone..."you're a piece work!".

Exact context: It's again from the Law and Order episode, which I have just finished, where Olivia, member of the NYPD unit, came to see what's going on with the woman who is being abused by her husband.....That husband came to open the door and is obviosly annoyed by her presence...

Olivia: I have a legal right to check on her well-being,

so interfere and I will arrest you for obstruction.

Husband: (?) You're a piece of work. (?)
Olivia: Why? Because you can't order me around?

thanks a lot in advance.


A piece of work = a difficult person
Thanks again for short and very clear answer...Emotion: smile[Y]