Plz give an example sentence and state all the phrases and clauses in it. Also, tell me what's wrong with this sentence:

The man reached his home with his dog after a brisk walk, out of breadth.

Plus, change the foll. clause to a phrase:

When the job had been completed..

The phrase 'out of breath' is misplaced.

Out of breath after a brisk walk, the man reached home with his dog.
The job complete,....

I'll give you a couple of sentences, and you try to state the clauses and phrases in them:

Over twenty years ago, with "Faulkner, Modernism, and Film", the conference first endeavored to tackle the question of what Faulkner and film have to do with each other—with the broad concept of 'modernism' as an assumed common denominator.

That the conference is returning to that theme—and to its (now implicit) common denominator—is indicative of major advances both in Faulkner and film studies during the last two decades.
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phrases-over twenty years ago; with "Falkner,Modernism, and Film"; the conference; first endeavoured to tackle;etc

All those little bits in a sentence that have no subject-predicate pair are supposed to be phrases, ryt?

Can that sentence be rephrased as follows:

The man reached his home with his dog out of breadth, after a brisk walk.

Clauses by definition do not require stated subjects. 'Endeavored' is the main verb of the sentence.