Phuket is an island off the western cost of Thailand. I recently spent two weeks there and would like to share some photos with you. The photos were mostly taken in Patong, Karon and the capital of the island, Phuket Town.

The flags from left to right are: Sweden, Germany, Finland, Australia and Thailand.

The restaurant of the Royal Paradise Hotel.

Bangla Road is the centre of nightlife. It's a pedestrian street at night, and extremely noisy! Fortunately there are more quiet bars. I liked the four Irish bars in particular since they play live music.

For all who have dreamed of becoming an electrician...

... Thailand is paradise!

Fixing an electrical problem seems to be easy if you just know how to do it!

Some hotels already advertise the off-season, which is the rainy summer! 500 baht (€11) a night for a double room isn't bad.

I have encountered a few saunas in exotic places. I have tried very few of them as they are rarely the real thing. This is understandable. It's expensive to import the heat-resisting sauna stones from far-away countries. Usually the locals don't even have the proper idea about what the sauna really consists in and how one should be built. In a London sauna there was no drain in the floor, for example.

My most amusing sauna experience occurred in Rio de Janeiro. The sign in the Rio Copa Hotel Reception said there was a swimming pool and a sauna on the roof of the building. I decided to take a look. There was indeed a swimming pool, about 2 metres by 2 metres in size and 40 centimetres deep. Very good for bathing a baby. The "sauna" was a 1 by 1.5 metre closet next to the pool. I opened the door and looked in. There was no heater. You were supposed to sit on a high bench and the "heat" came from the metal roof of the hut, which the sun warmed on sunny days. The temperature in the "sauna" may have been about five degrees higher than outside.

Scandinavia has absolutely nothing to do with producing diamonds but Thais have a different opinion about it!

Little Gerhard was a Swedish Elvis in the late 50s. I didn't know he is still alive - and performing in the large bar of a Swedish-owned hotel in Phuket. Well, there are colder places to spend one's time after one has retired.

There are lots of travel agencies and plenty of airlines to choose from.

That's all for now. I may post more pictures later.

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Woow that looks like a great place to visit! I enjoyed the comments on the electrician Emotion: wink
By the way, is that lady on the first beach pic wearing black boots!?

Great photos, thanks for sharing!
PunkybrewsterBy the way, is that lady on the first beach pic wearing black boots!?

Hmm... It certainly looks that way but just can't be! With the temperature in the mid-30s, her boots would fill up with sweat in no time.

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Thanks for you pics CB. It seems to be a nice country. They try to colour everywhere. I couldn't see a black white scene in your photos.
More pictures.

A new shopping centre has been built in the heart of Patpong. These pictures represent the shops and fountains.

A tourist is making a perfect crosswind landing on the beach, assisted by a local expert.

There's also a water playground for kids (in the background ) even though most of those playing seemed to be adults.

Hifi is available but the prices are lower in Europe.

The chef looks kind of wooden. I wonder if he can cook?

There are hundreds of Elvises performing throughout the world. One of them sings at the Banana Bar in Phuket. This one was on key but had a rather poor sense of rhythm, which resulted in awkward phrasing at times.

Phuket International Airport has a runway long enough for the 747. I flew an Airbus 330-200 and the flight time to Helsinki was 10 hours 30 minutes, nonstop.

Suvarnabhumi is Bangkok's new airport. Arlanda is the international airport of Stockholm, Sweden. The Helsinki flight is delayed.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos.

I find it amusing how people are getting more and more lazy and, at the same time, inventive.
To combine a swimming pool and a bar is the work of a genius, although, the good ol' Mitch Buchannon, who also goes by the name of David Hasselhoff, might disagree.
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Nice place there, CB!
Those pics sure are some incentive!
ZeroxTo combine a swimming pool and a bar is the work of a genius,

Right you are! Emotion: smile It isn't peculiar to Thailand only. I've seen swimming pool bars elsewhere too.

One thing that is a little irksome in a developing country such as Thailand is that one may have to carry considerable amounts of cash since credit cards are accepted in very few restaurants. In bars and taxis they are completely unknown. If one goes out to paint the town red on one's own, no problems, but if one goes with a group and is going to pay for everybody's meals and drinks, plastic money would be very convenient.

I'm Thai and learning here, in Phuket .
I am very pleased that you share this.
very great photos!

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Thai people says ' kob-kun-krub'
It's mean 'Thank you'.
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