At Penn, design is the primary focus of our teaching and research. By "design", we mean three things: material practice (the physical making of things, places, environments; the experiential aspects of things made, including drawings and models); inquiring practice (the asking of questions, exploring of ideas, and speculating upon alternative sets of possibility); and process-based practice (the recognition that landscapes are formed and evolved by processes in time, and that creativity too is dependent upon the processes one works through to develop a project).


How can I interpret "physical making" here?


making is a gerund, which is the noun-like form of a verb. You can add articles, adjectives, objects etc, juts as you can with other nouns.

eg I like cooking. eg I like French cooking.

Now let's consider your text .

eg I like making things. eg I like the physical making of things.

You could also say eg I like to physically make things.


book mango 418How can I interpret "physical making" here?

What you create with your hands, as opposed to theory.

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