One more simple riddle.

Pick out the odd one from the following number sequence and give the reason :
165, 253, 341, 495, 543, 682.
I am turning my brain upside down
well, I don't think it is simple, so the only thing i can come up with is that the last number is the odd one and the reason would be because for all the other numbers they retain one of the figure of the previous number. This reason isn't very cunning but i can't find anything else, sorry!!
No Amandine. It's dead simple! Do get in to pure mathematical techniques, like finding the relation between two numbers!
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Hi bvpraveen

I think i may have the solution.

the odd number in the sequence is 543.

add the first and last number of the 3 digit number.

165 (1+5)=6

253 (2+3)=5

341 (3+1)=4

and so on..............
That's it.
lol..all nums are odd xcpt for the last one..(682) which is even...
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In all the others the 1st and last digits add up to the midddle digit.