Hi, I would like someone to help with a quotation. It is the one by Mohammed Ali:

Not only do I knock them out, I pick the round

I understand what "knock them out" means, but I am not quite sure how to interpret "I pick the round". I looked it up and the meaning is "a bet on which a boxing match will finish". Does it mean the same in Ali's quotation? If so, could you restate the phrase, please?

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A boxing match consists of 10 rounds of boxing with rest periods in between. One round is a period of three minutes, I believe.

You can knock out your opponent in the first round, in the second round, in the third round, and so on.
Ali says that he not only knocks out his opponent, but also makes the choice of the round in which he will do it.
Ali is stating that he will select in which round he will knock out his opponent.
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Ah, I have finally managed to log in. Some correction to my own post:

the definition I have found is "a bet on which round a boxing match will finish".
On second thoughts, I seem to grasp the meaning. Is it something like "I decide in which round I will knock my rivals down"?

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Thanks for the answer! Emotion: smile