I stumbled on this phrase when I played firewatch.

The dialogue goes like this:

-There are two naked ladies out here.
-Can you handle that?
-Come on. I like naked ladies same as anyone. But there's, you know ----
-I know this will be tough for you, but pick your tongue up off the ground and do your job.
The context is the protagonist works as a forest ranger and he acts on the instrcution of his workmate to tell off some troublemakers, who illegally set off fireworks in the forest. But on his way to the spot he accidentally finds women's underwear and he assumes there are two naked ladies.

I don't quite understand this kind of metaphor. I guess it means don't get too excited and calm down.
Is my understanding correct? Please let me know.
Thank you.Emotion: smile
Yes, pretty much that. The idea behind the metaphor is that one's tongue hangs out when one is in an excited or eager state.

I've never heard that before and I can't find it on the web. But, yes, I suppose 'tongue on ground' means an expression of desire or lust. So, as you say, one forest ranger is telling the other to curb such feelings and get on with his job

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zuotengdazuoI guess it means don't get too excited and calm down.
Right. I think the comparison is to the behavior of dogs. When they get excited and eager in anticipation that something good is going to happen (e.g., because they're about to be fed or about to be taken on a walk), they start panting hard and their tongues stick out and hang down.

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As in that well known ditty "Who Let the Dogs Out?" .
... not just dogs though ...

Sumatran Tiger (publicity use). See care2.com