The excerpt below is from a book by David Sedaris. Could you help me have a clear picture of the underlined part?

1) not sure what this drink means. Alcohol? or could be anything?

2) what does drink "from" mean? Like drinking water from clay jugs with glasses?

3) Since I am not familiar with the culture described here, I don't know what kind of clay jugs I should imagine. Would you provide a pic?

The woman spoke with a heavy western North Carolina accent, which I used to discredit her authority. Here was a person for whom the word pen had two syllables. Her people undoubtedly drank from clay jugs and hollered for Paw when the vittles were ready -- so who was she to advise me on anything?

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1) the paragraph you provided gave us no clue as to what kind of drink that was.

2) they drank directly from clay jugs (not from glasses)

3) not being from North Carolina, I can only imagine it. Google for clay jug pictures to get an idea of what they look like

Oh, this kind. Definitely.

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What a picture! Emotion: smile

Thank you, people, for helping me out!

khoff, thank you for the great pic. As you know the context like I do, do you have any idea what's inside of the jugs? Even a guess would be appreciated.

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Perhaps some beer?

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mitsuwao23do you have any idea what's inside of the jugs?
That's easy! Moonshine.


For an easy introduction into the hillbilly sterotype, you might find an early episode of "The Beverly Hillbillies" online. It was a 60's comedy about "typical" hillbillies who get rich when they inadvertently strike oil, and move to Beverly Hills.
Thank you, khoff, I knew you know the story and could come up with an better idea! great tip!