Could you please say, are there any good synonyms for "a piece of jewelry" (a ring, necklace, etc.)? Could I say simply "jewelry" refering to a single instance but not to the whole class of objects? Does "a precious thing/item" fit? Any of your variants are welcome.

[Edited] My dictionary also provides the word "jewel" as a synonym for "a piece of jewelry", but in the same time "jewel" denotes a (semi)precious stone. It seems quite strange that a single word refers to both a precious stone and brooch...

Thanks in advance.


Brooch, ring, necklace etc are types of jewellery rather than a synonym. I'm not sure there is a synonym for pieces of jewellery.
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Hello Dave,

Thanks for the comments. I had better not include names of particular

types of jewelry here, since due to their presence I was misunderstood. =)

What I'm looking for is not a synonym for a ring, necklace, and so forth

but a synonym for a general all-types-of-jewelry-inclusive term "a piece

of jewelry".


An adornment or ornament?