I am an American ESL instructor studying Mandarin Chinese.  I have found that it is very convenient to teach a language over Skype internet telephony.  I had my first English/Mandarin language exchange session today with a lady from Guangdong Province, and each of us learned a lot of the other language.

Anyway, I wanted to recommend to the Chinese people studying English, to get this Pimsleur full audio course if you can:


I'm not the seller, but rather I use Pimsleur rather than other language courses.  The Pimsleur method is already 50 years old and proven to be the best by the test of time.

To make the most of the Pimsleur approach, you have to put more of an effort than something like Rosetta Stone.  RS is good if you are a more visual learner, but you should always try Pimsleur first.

To get the most out of Pimsleur, you play the audio, and while you are playing it, you transcribe in a word processor what is being said, both in your native language, and your target language.  You often have to pause the player to finish writing, then say what you wrote, then hit the Play button again, rinse, repeat.

It works.

Anyway, if you want to study English and teach me Mandarin, get in touch at Email Removed


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