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Picture = Pik-chur NOT pit-chur

Et cetera = Et-set-er-a NOT ek-set-er-a

Nuclear = New-clee-er NOT new-cue-ler

Chipotle = Chi-pote-lay NOT chi-pol-tee

Flaccid = Flak-sid NOT flassid (think "success", "access")

anonymousFlaccid = Flak-sid NOT flassid (think "success", "access")

Every dictionary I checked listed "flassid" as a standard, accepted pronunciation. A couple of them only show "flassid", not "flak-sid". Check OneLook for more information.

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Homophones not homonymes

"This has become a huge issue between my fiancee and I"???

A huge issue for I?

between my fiancee and ME!!! Learn basic English!

When I was young, only the idiots said "pityoor" and "liberry".

Now, 90% of people are idiots.

sorry you are wrong. Pitcher is not pronounced pic-shur; it is pronounced pi-tchur. There is no hard "c" in it.

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Thank you for your comments. it is getting dumber and dumber. Listen to the TV announcers - they can't even speak correctly. OMG - glad I'm in the last half of my lifespan; dont' know if I can take 70 more years of poor grammar.

Whenever I hear someone refer to themselves as "I," it makes me cringe.