I insert alot of quotes into my text, and I like to use footnotes for citations. My question is where should I put the footnote relative to the closing quotation mark. For example, I might write somethin like: The Court held that "the alleged counduct, if true, would be a serious violation of the statue." Should I put my footnote reference before or after the closing quotation mark?

Thanks for your help!!!!
I've noticed that most of the authors place the footnote references after the quotation mark.
It should be placed outside the quote marks, since the footnote itself is not part of the matter quoted.
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This is pretty easy. If the footnote relates to the contents of the quotation, put the number inside the quotation mark. If it relates to the whole final sentence, put it after the quotation mark. I have seen both, so either seems to be acceptable, but this puts some logic behind the choice.
Official answer from the Bluebook:

Word search "inside," and you will find the following statement:

Footnote Call and Punctuation Arrangement, 1/2/2008 (Related Section: R1.1 )

Footnote calls always go outside quotation marks. Colons and semicolons also go outside. The proper order is: quotation mark, semicolon, footnote call, colon. Commas, however, go inside quotation marks.
periods go inside too Emotion: big smile
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Put it after the quotation

After - and clean up your misspellings!