Hi everyone!

I am preparing materials to apply for admissions at some universities. I intend to post some of them to get reviews and correct them afterwards. However, I worry that the universities that I apply for will detect some of my materials (personal statement, reccommendation letters...) on this site and they may conclude that I plagiarized.

Has this ever happened? How can I do to prevent this incident?

Thank you very much!

I don't know what plagiarism checking universities do on motivation letters and the like, but you are not the first to express concerns about it. I would assume that if the admission authorities actually checked the flagged material, and it contained personal information that couldn't apply to anyone else, they would know it must have been you that posted it here. Of course this assumes that they take the time to check properly. I know that at least some of the people who have received help with their motivation letters here have been accepted, but there's no way to know if any were rejected because their letters were flagged by a plagiarism checker.

If you do decide to post material on EF, you should keep in mind that we generally don't delete posts that have received replies, and even if we do delete one it remains in Google's cache until Google decides to purge it. This means that it may remain accessible to plagiarism checkers for days, weeks, or even months after it has been deleted here, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Thank you very much for your reply.

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I've checked my paper here https://essaytoolbox.com/plagiarism-checker and got a good results. But when I applied to university I got some questions thanks to Turnitin. I do not know where they got this results and database but I wrote it on my own.