Hello all!

If I have a lot of free time in a day to learn English, what should I do? I mean plan of studying English. I want to study English in fastest way, but I know I need more time to take it. According to some instructions from experts, you should listen to English (news, TV..) about 5 to 10 minutes, it's good for your brain actived. And you'd better memorize 5 - 10 new words each day. So I think I only need 2 hours to complete them, right?

However, now I have nothing to do or to learn except English. Pls advise me what stuff I should do to improve my English?

I designed my plan for a day, pls tell me your suggestion!

30 minutes to listen to English (not hear)
2 hours to memorize 10 new words
2 hours for reading
2 hours for writing

Hix, I dont have some chances to talk to foreigner, so I regret about this extremely .
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Hi! The fastest way, I think, to have relationship with foreigner is the best way. It's the method learning directly from your heart. Once your thinking is changed to be English that means your language is ready to use promptly.

Keep reading and listening is to improve about words, grammar and language. If you have time and oppotunity to take some short course in abroad, that is the fastest way to get English.

Much chance to use is much chance to be skilful. Now, you come here oftenly you will get better. I am not good English but I think I can tell you better than native English (sorry if not)Emotion: stick out tongue because they are already in blood but they can correct your English. Just like some foreigner ask me about some Thai word or slang and I can't tell them and I have to think long time because it's already in blood but I only can correct what they speak.

I accept that I learn English faster because I have foreigner friends otherwise after much study it's still in the books and never know about oneself and how to know how we can use it.Emotion: smile

Here has everything for you to improve.

Good luck! Leonart[F]
A good learning plan, Leonart. My suggestions:

(1) 1 hour to memorize 10 new words , and 1 hour to develop new sentences using those 10 words. In this way, you memorize a new word as well as learn how to use that word.

(2) At the end of each week, recall all the new words memorized during that week.

All the best!.
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Very good suggestion Rish! I also have my basic learning in that way but after not having any chance to use in a long time I found my English is very poor. How do you use English in your daily life?

Hi Atitaya,

Thanks for your comment. Since my student life was already over, I don't have any scheduled plans to learn the intricacies of English.
Thanks for your reply!

so how about listening? I think 30 minutes seem not enough to improve it each day
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Hi Leonart,

You can start with 30 minutes initially, and later ,depending upon your improvement in listening skills, you can slowly increase the listening time.
Hi there ! Have you ever tried with this program of AJ (Effortless english)

Has this plan succeeded?

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