I'm not sure how should I end the clause starting with planning for in this context. Can you please read it an correct it?

That kind of preparation might be based on the use of modern software and hardware solutions, Internet, their own data base and other tools which consist of complete materials and forms for the organization of teams, analytical means for the better understanding of the other party and evaluation of its negotiating context, means of planning for generating creative solutions and choices among different options.

Thank you in advance
Are both solutions and choices being generated? In any case, I don't like two gerunds in a row if I can convert one to a noun, like generation of instead of generating.
Hi Mister Micawber!

Thank you for your post.

Yes, they are both being generated. planning for generation of?
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On re-reading and second thought, I think analytical means should be analytical tools. So maybe the second means should be tools also. That would lead me to suggest tools for generating creative solutions and choices among options. (You have already stated that it is planning with the word preparation at the beginning of the sentence.

Whether it is within the original text or not, you seem to generate a lot of redundancy in the English passages, Antonia. Both here and in other excerpts you have posted, there is not sufficient difference between such as planning and generation, materials and forms, understanding and evaluation to warrant the compaction of all these coordinate phrases into your sentences. The primary goal of the nonfiction translator is not literal translation, but the presentation of the information as clearly, simply and directly as possible.
Thank you MM,

I'll do my best and try to avoid these things. But you have to admit it's not easy especially since you're influenced by the original text. These kinds of texts in my language are full of redundancy. I guess I should get rid of the extra info before translation.

Just one detail, materials and forms, forms here are like application forms. Is there another word for a piece of paper that people in a firm have to fill in in order to help them prepare for negotiation, questionnaire?
I guess I should get rid of the extra info before translation.
My suggestion precisely.

I think that materials subsumes forms, so that the latter is unnecessary; otherwise forms seems to work as well as anything. Knowing little about negotiation preparations, I would still imagine that they could have questionnnaires, schedules, templates and other paperwork to fill out.
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Thank you very much Mister Micawber.